Knee Pain

Non-Surgical Knee Pain Treatment at Gibson Chiropractic

The only thing worse than limping around on a bad knee, is hobbling around with two bad knees. Knee pain can have both acute and chronic causes, and however long you're saddled with it, you may find yourself missing out on all your favorite activities. Just as knee pain has clear causes, it also has clear answers, and you'll find those answers here Gibson Chiropractic. Our Laredo chiropractor, Dr. David Gibson, can use non-surgical methods to help you feel better and move around with more confidence.

Knee Pain

The Many Ways Knee Pain Can Strike

Some causes of knee pain are evident enough, particularly if you dislocate or twist your knee during a sporting event, work accident, or auto accident. A sprain or strain will cause immediate pain, redness, and swelling, rendering the knee temporarily unusable. Knee pain can also sneak up on you. If you have a longstanding, uncorrected spinal misalignment or other musculoskeletal imbalance, you could be placing more stress on one knee than the other, and this is a recipe for chronic muscle strain, tendinitis, and premature joint wear in that knee. Alignment problems within the knee joint itself, combined with overuse of the knees in athletics or work activities, can lead to problems such as runner's knee (patellofemoral syndrome). Overuse can also inflame the friction-reducing sacs known as bursae, leaving you with a painful condition called bursitis.

Degenerative disorders may attack both of your knees as you age. One common example is osteoarthritis, in which the knee cartilage slowly disintegrates, allowing the bone ends to rub together. The resulting symptoms include chronic pain, swelling, and inflammation. Some forms of knee pain don't even originate in the knee. A pinched lumbar nerve, for example, can send pain signals to various parts of the leg, including the knee.

Chiropractic Adjustment and Other Treatment Methods

Trust Gibson Chiropractic to get your knee pain under control without surgery or drugs. We can detect alignment errors or degenerative conditions that respond to corrective measures, such as chiropractic adjustment. Periodic adjustments can serve as an effective chronic pain management strategy, reducing your reliance on drugs. We can also prescribe corrective exercises to help you restore strength and flexibility to damaged knee tissue or alter your posture and gait for more normal weight distribution. Even lifestyle changes, such as weight loss or ergonomic workplace changes, could do your knees a big favor.

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You only get one pair of knees, so why not give those knees many more years of comfortable function? 

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